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SPRING 2018 Baseball Ratings Schedule



Who: 9-12 yr olds

Please NOTE:

8 yr olds grandfathered to play AA rates with 9 yr olds

9 yr olds grandfathered to play AAA rates with 10 yr olds

Exceptions to Evals: returning 2017 MAJOR PLAYERS do NOT have to rate.

Where: Fiske School

All players referenced above SHOULD BE REGISTERED  prior to attending their ratings sessions but MUST register before OCTOBER 31, 2017 to be considered for a draft or be put to waitlist.

Each player MUST attend 1 rating for their age group (10-12 aged players rate together) (all returning Major players DO NOT need to rate).  If you are unable to attend your assigned time, simply attend the alternate ratings time for your age group.